Universities which produce the Best Coders around the globe?


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Coding has a promising future, which is why numerous universities are offering multiple courses in this field.
Coding is considered by many to be the job for both the present and the future. It demands an immense amount of skill and expertise to become a good coder. Coding is the basic computer literacy using which you can do wonders. You can develop amazing communication skills and learn problem-solving by having sound knowledge of the coding process.


There isn’t any direct criterion which determines which is the best university producing coders around the globe. Universities are ranked on the basis of their international publications and other such credentials.

There is, however, one criteria using which we can find out which is leading institute when it comes to producing talented coders. HackerRank is a website which determines the credentials of individual coders. The university with the most number of coders could be considered the leading one in order.

Here, we have listed down five universities with students ranked amazingly high at the HackerRank.

ITMO University, Russia

Located in St. Petersburg, ITMO is the leading university when it comes to producing top level coders. At present, the institute hosts more than 11,000 students studying in a wide range of courses.  Internet Technologies and Programming is the leading major course offered by the university with Intelligent Technology being the top research field. This is why it has been able to produce such a good number of coders every year.

Sun Yat-sen Memorial School, China

Sun Yat-sen University is a multidisciplinary institute and produces incredibly talented individuals in all fields of the study. The university has done incredibly well in promoting coders. The skill of the coders, it produces, puts it at the second spot in our list of the top universities which produce best coders in the world.

Ho Chi Minh University of Science, Vietnam

The university was developed as a school of science in the middle of last century. It wasn’t until the year 2007 that the institute was declared as the university of science and technology. This changing of name manifests the fact that it gives huge importance to scientific and technological research. Computer studies are one of the major subjects when it comes to producing immensely productive graduates.

University of California, US

The only university from the US to make it to the top five of the list is University of California, Berkeley. Multiple faculty members of this prestigious institute hold A. Turing Award for their contributions. This depicts that fact that the university is one of the finest when it comes to producing top-ranked coders in the world. According to HackerRank states, UOC makes it to the fourth spot of the list.

University of Waterloo, Canada

The last institute which we have on our list is the University of Waterloo. It is one of the finest universities in Canada, and a famous one around the globe too, when it comes to producing skilled coders. Keeping it mind the figures from HackerRank, the university sits at the fifth spot.

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