Role of Education on National development

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Role of Education on National development

  • Role of Education 

As soon as a child starts walking and understanding his/her surroundings, they are put into a system to make them understand their surroundings better. Why? Couldn’t they have done that all on their own or with the help of their family? Well, the difference is one word, BETTER. It helps them understand and grow better. It nurtures their minds better. How does education make everything better? This is exactly what we are trying to answer here in this article, the burning question of how a nation blooms when they are properly educated.


  • Education, a silent weapon

Education is a weapon, an instrument that remains silent but has the greatest impact on a nation. How we develop, how we deal with our daily challenges and how we excel in every walk of life depends directly on our level of education. It is a force that makes a nation stand out and defend themselves among other nations of the world. It is THE difference between developed and third world countries.


To say that education brings everything in perspective would be an understatement. The proper knowledge and understanding of one’s problems is the only way to succeed in actually formulating a solution to eradicate that particular problem. Education plays an extremely crucial role in long-term growth and productivity of a nation. Whether it’s at the national level or just in a household, education is the one thing that brings the positivity in our lives. It teaches us not only theoretical material but also the practical and successful way to lead lives as a responsible citizen.



  • Ensuring the Education Plan


What are the important steps that needed to be taken to ensure that Education is actually being used as the weapon it was always intended to be? Here is where our Government comes in. Funding and promotion programs from federal, local and state governments can be immensely important here. This is what leads us to get our desired results in stimulating development on a national level.

But education is not just the responsibility of our government, our private sector plays a part here too. They should get equal opportunity to participate in education promotion. Here are some prominent ways our private sector can contribute towards this cause:


  • Providing grants for research.
  • Awarding scholarships.
  • Introducing endowment schemes.


We should also discuss the impact of country politics on our education promotion programs. A strong, educated political leadership will always emphasize on how crucial it is to national development. How good education can be a key to successful youth, excellent economy, and prosperity of a nation. They will spend their maximum budget on building institutes and providing learning opportunities to less fortunate.


We will succeed as a nation, as soon as we understand that the difference between us and the world’s most powerful nations is Education. Those nations understand and practice things that we do not even know about. Which is why all their assets and achievements are worth praising and if we want the same fate for our nation, we have to follow the enlightened path of Education.








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